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Jake Binegar

A modern country music sensation hailing from the hills of the Mid-Ohio Valley, embodies the heart and soul of Appalachia in every chord he strums. Born and raised surrounded by the rolling hills and winding Ohio River, Jake discovered his passion for music early on, picking up the guitar at the tender age of 13. It didn't take long for him to realize that his true calling lay in crafting his own songs and sharing them with the world.

Jake's journey into the spotlight began when he claimed the coveted title of West Virginia Country Showdown State Champion in 2014. This milestone marked the beginning of a career that has seen him ascend from intimate venues across Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky to gracing the stages of major festivals and events throughout Appalachia and beyond.

Along the way, Jake has had the honor of sharing stages with both modern chart-toppers and legendary figures of country music. These figures include:

Tracy Lawrence

Lainey Wilson

Joe Diffie

Dylan Scott

Trey Lewis

Chase Matthew


 John Anderson

 The Cadillac Three

 Aaron Lewis and many more!

Jake has absorbed wisdom and inspiration from each collaboration, enriching his own distinctive sound.

What sets Jake apart is not only his electrifying performances and magnetic stage presence but also his deep-rooted commitment to storytelling through music. While he enjoys the camaraderie of jamming to classics and contemporary hits, Jake's passion lies in weaving his own tales into heartfelt, original compositions. Whether it's a foot-stomping anthem or a soulful ballad, Jake's music resonates with authenticity and leaves a lasting impact on anyone who listens.

As Jake continues to captivate audiences with his energetic live shows and poignant songwriting, he invites both longtime fans and newcomers alike to join him on this musical journey. Stay tuned for his upcoming shows and immerse yourself in the latest chapters of Jake Binegar's evolving musical narrative.

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